10 ways to avoid a Wikileaks or NSA-style data breach

25 Jan 2014 by Samara Lynn

The WikiLeaks furore of 2010, and the more recent debacle of the documents leaked from the American National Security Agency (NSA) has left the world reeling at the power of a well-orchestrated data breach. President Obama recently announced that due to the revealed abuses by the agency, he would reform espionage policy, allowing privacy campaigners around the world to breathe a cautious sigh of relief.


But not every organisation is as insidious or as unaccountable as the NSA, and not every leaker has the good intentions of Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning. One thing to come out of these events is crystal clear: if the government is vulnerable to network security and data breaches, your business is too.

A few safeguards in place could have staved off the leakage of classified information from both these networks, many of which are available to small businesses: activity monitoring, limiting which data is searchable, keeping tabs on user permissions, and deploying a robust data leak prevention solution.

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