New Intelligence on Italian Jihadists

English: War flag of al-Shabaab

English: War flag of al-Shabaab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

August 25, 2014

Compared to France, Germany, or Britain, Italy’s problem with domestic jihadism is relatively modest, yet it is growing fast, thanks to the wars in Syria and Iraq. A new report in Corriere della Sera, Italy’s paper of record, based on current intelligence from Italian secret services, paints a disturbing picture of rising radicalism.

At present, according to the latest intelligence in Rome, some fifty Italians are fighting with the Islamic State (IS — get my assessment of that dangerous group here), of whom a shocking eighty percent are converts, not immigrants or born Muslims. Many go abroad to wage holy war after a surprisingly brief period of conversion and radicalization. They are very young and come mostly from northern Italy. The Salafi jihadist scene in Italy is fragmented regionally and a key role is played by what Italian intelligence terms “liaison officers,” the individuals who facilitate the recruitment of new holy warriors and get them to the war zone. Continue reading


Que l’Europe se ressaisisse et vienne en aide aux Nord-Africains

Alain Délétroz, Le Temps |   8 Mar 2011

Tandis que le sang continue de couler en Libye, où le régime n’hésite
pas à utiliser l’aviation contre son peuple, l’ampleur de ce qui se
passe en Afrique du Nord depuis quelques semaines laisse l’Europe
désemparée. Il est vrai que personne n’avait vu venir le
bouleversement géostratégique qui s’y dessine. Se berçant d’illusions
sur l’incapacité de ces peuples à prendre leurs destins en main, sur
la nécessité d’un leadership fort pour assurer leur développement, les
pays occidentaux ont tout accepté de ces potentats d’un autre âge, des
frasques des fils Kadhafi aux réceptions soignées dans la plupart de
nos palais gouvernementaux. Continue reading

Georgia and Russia: Pardon Our French

Georgia, Ossetia, Russia and Abkhazia

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July 16, 2010 – 10:07am, by Giorgi Lomsadze

A bleep censor might come in handy for France when Russia and Georgia open their post-Soviet mouths. Since taking on the thankless job of mediating between Moscow and Tbilisi, mannerly French envoys have found themselves in the unlikely world of rapster-style dissing.

Two years ago, when French President Nicolas Sarkozy was trying to convince Vladimir Putin to abort the Russian invasion of Georgia, the Russian prime minister reportedly startled his French guest by sharing plans to hang Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili by his private parts. Now that French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has instructed Tbilisi to make nice with Russia, Saakashvili has cautioned that Georgia will not “lick" its giant neighbor "in one place as some have proposed that we do."

Continue reading

Reports: Hadron Collider physicist arrested on terrorism charges

October 10, 2009 11:10 AM PDT

by Chris Matyszczyk

A 32-year-old nuclear physicist, part of the Large Hadron Collider project on the Swiss-French border, has been arrested by French police on suspicion of involvement with al-Qaeda.

According to The Independent (, the arrest was made after anti-terrorist police had followed his movements for more than a year. Le Figaro newspaper ( suggested that the man’s name had originally come to light in connection with the “Afghan network” of terrorist groups based in Europe.


(Credit: CC Ethan Hein/Flickr

Of Algerian origin, he was arrested together with his brother, who was not working on the Collider. Continue reading

Nuclear terror suspect is top physicist

Was a leading scientist working on Cern’s Large Hadron Collider plotting with al-Qa’ida to sabotage sites in France? John Lichfield in Paris reports

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Police outside the block of flats in Vienne, France, where the parents of Adlène and Halim Hicheur live. The brothers were arrested on Thursday after their internet traffic was bugged


The scientist suspected of plotting terrorist attacks on nuclear sites in France is a brilliant, internationally known physicist who has worked on research projects in Britain and the US, it emerged yesterday.

Adlène Hicheur, 32, who currently works on the “Big Bang” Large Hadron Collider experiment on the Swiss-French border, was once a research fellow at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Chilton, Oxfordshire. His name is attached to dozens of research papers presented at universities and nuclear research centres all over the world.

Mr Hicheur, and his brother, Zitouni, or Halim, also a highly qualified scientist, were arrested at their parents’ home on a suburban council estate at Vienne, south of Lyons, on Thursday. Continue reading

French military delegation meets with Mauritanian authorities

14:49, October 06, 2009

A high level French military delegation headed by officers at the rank of general will on Monday, together with Mauritania‘s Defense and Interior ministers, discuss ways of coordinating efforts in the anti-terrorism war being undertaken by the two countries, a security source revealed this.

The delegation has been in Mauritania for over 48 hours and it’s not yet known for how long they will be staying there. Continue reading

Europe Pieces Together Terrorism Puzzle

By BRUCE CRUMLEY / PARIS Tuesday, May. 12, 2009

Malika El Aroud, widow of Abdessater Dahmane, at her computer in the living room of her home in Brussels. Hazel Thompson / Eyevine

Continental Europeans may have been spared the devastation of jihadist suicide bombings since the deadly March 2004 attacks in Madrid, but on Tuesday morning there was another grim reminder that the threat of terrorism is far from over. Italian police in the southern city of Bari announced that they are holding two French nationals whom authorities call “top-level point men” for “al-Qaeda in Europe” and who were allegedly plotting kamikaze strikes in France and the U.K. — including one purportedly targeting the Charles de Gaulle airport. Continue reading