Serbia wants to join global counter-terrorism pact

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15. February 2012. | 08:46

Source: Tanjug

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic stated Tuesday that Serbia wants to join the global counter-terrorism pact.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic stated Tuesday that Serbia wants to join the global counter-terrorism pact.

Dacic conveyed this position to the Australian Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism Bill Paterson in the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Serbian Interior Ministry released in a statement.
Serbia would like to join the global counter-terrorism pact, in which it would assist the tracking down of criminals in cases such as the recent one relating to an Australian citizen born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dacic said.

Dacic kicked off Monday a visit to Australia by a meeting with Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen on the possibilities of introducing visa facilitation for Serbian citizens.

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PCG convenes counter terrorism course

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April 16, 2011, 2:30am

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) convened last Friday (April ) its Counter Terrorism Course (CTC) in colorful ceremonies at the PCG headquarters in Manila, in cognizance and seeking to address modern-day threats of ‘‘piracy, terrorism and other maritime transitional crimes.’’ Continue reading

Yemen: Al Qaeda 2.0

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Al Qaeda in Yemen has learned from the mistakes made in Iraq and other battle zones.

By Ellen Knickmeyer
Published: September 27, 2010 06:35 ET in Middle East

SANAA, Yemen — Yemeni soldiers streamed into the streets of the capital this weekend after a deadly attack on intelligence services by alleged Al Qaeda gunmen, underscoring the impact of what U.S. government officials and experts on terrorism say has become the world’s most active and dangerous offshoot of Al Qaeda.

With dozens of attacks this year on spy and security forces, including deadly raids into the very headquarters of Yemen’s “mukhabarat,” or intelligence branch, Yemen’s newly invigorated Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is reshaping the mission, strategy and tactics of Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda brand, experts say. And the Yemeni government is now stepping up its effort to confront this insurgency and doing so with pledges of more than $1 billion in military aid from the United States.

At this point, there is a “raging war taking place between Al Qaeda in Yemen and the Yemeni government,’’ said Fawaz Gerges, professor of Middle East politics at the London School of Economics, and a longtime scholar of Al Qaeda. Continue reading

Simultaneous raids net 9 leftist subversives

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A counterterrorism operation in İstanbul has netted nine alleged members of an illegal leftist organization believed to be planning acts of terror to incite chaos.

The operation was carried out by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), gendarmes and police teams after they found evidence that the Maoist Communist Party (MKP) planned to carry out terrorist attacks and demonstrations against state authorities to further their group’s ends. Continue reading

UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) Holds Summit On Terrorist Use Of the Internet

Source: United Nations

Published Friday, 29 January, 2010 – 17:06

Terrorists’ use of the Internet – including how it is utilized to recruit, organize criminal acts and raise money – was the focus of a United Nations gathering this week which brought together experts from around the world.

Participants at the two-day gathering in Berlin, convened by the UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF), also discussed the effectiveness of laws currently in place regarding direct attacks on networks and computer systems. Continue reading

British, Bangladesh conduct exercise

Published: May 12, 2009 at 6:22 PM

DHAKA, Bangladesh, May 12 (UPI) — The British and Bangladeshi navies recently conducted an exercise around the Ganges Delta to improve joint counter-terrorism capabilities.

The British Royal Navy partnered with the Bangladeshi navy for an exercise to share expertise and improve interoperability on counter-terrorism operations and missions to respond to natural disasters, the British Ministry of Defense reported. Continue reading