The Western Defense Studies Institute (WDSI) is a non-profit organization established in Rome to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opportunities between U.S. and European individuals and businesses to counter-terrorism and protect Western civilization.
The Institute will host researchers and analysts and provide a reference library for member use. Periodic papers and articles will be published examining the nature of the threats against Western civilization and means to enhance Awareness of the threats and develop methods to Prevent terrorism and other threats from materializing.

Homeland Security, Criminal Investigations,
Counter-Terrorism, Crisis-Management and
Analysis Training

Degree (B.A. & M.A.) and Post Graduate Courses
Europe & USA

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  1. As experts, can you kindly obtain motive and timing and benefit of fire-setting and fire management of OBL’s compound? How can the Arabic footage of your video have no translation, but show ‘officers’ strolling, literally walking between portions of active fires? And by the way, who made and placed the cloth-paneled Plastic Pipe curtains that hide the ‘downed helicopter’? Who said how many helicopters were involved? Who said the pilot of a rudder-less helicopter is having a nice day?

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