Turkey’s ascent as a regional and world axis point is backed by political and economic progress

English: Turkish president Abdullah Gül and Ru...

English: Turkish president Abdullah Gül and Russian president Dmitry Medvedev on state visit in Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

June 1, 2012 – Writing by Shawnna Robert; Editing by Charles Rault | © DiploNews, all rights reserved.

Abdullah Gül, President of Turkey, spoke recently about Turkey’s ascent on the world stage, saying that there is now almost no hot issue on the global agenda which Turkey is not playing a visible role. Domestic and regional problems once held the country back from realizing its potential, but the country became more politically stable 10 years ago. This generated a vision for a stronger Turkey which then encouraged a lifting the obstacles to democratic and economic progress. This meant upgrading legal standards, making structural reforms, expanding freedoms, streamlining civil-military cooperation, and ensuring minority rights. GNP has increased 300% in this time, and trade has soared.

Turkey sees itself as the epicenter for different regions, which allows space for strategic interaction in the pursuit of peace in the region. Economic and political success has helped Turkey to become more confident and active in this regard. Gül admits that Turkey still has a long way to go, but the past 10 years have been a first chapter of a transformation and are a good beginning.

As for the future, Gül hopes Turkey will join the UN Security Council once again for 2015-2016 session while simultaneously holding the presidency of the G-20. He believes Turkey’s membership bid with the EU will move past the formal context. Turkey‘s Parliament is drafting a new constitution which Gül says will take its democracy to a new level, matching the aspirations of Turkish people and setting an example for struggling countries in the region. It will also continue to increase Turkey’s economic integration with the world……

| © DiploNews, all rights reserved.

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