Switzerland hosts counterterrorism powwow


switzerland (Photo credit: siette)

Feb 24, 2012 – 15:12

A newly created counterterrorism network has met in Interlaken for Swiss-led talks on how to move forward and cooperate with other international bodies.

Switzerland is one of 28 countries that joined the Global Counterterrorism Forum in September. The conference on Thursday and Friday was attended by around 100 representatives of the member states, the United Nations, and the European Union.

Opening the conference, Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga said that in order to eliminate breeding grounds of radicalism and terrorism, it was crucial to strengthen the rule of law and criminal prosecution.

The foreign ministry said the event helped coordinate the parts different members would play. It also emphasised the central role of the UN. The Forum is seen as a way of implementing the United Nations’ counterterrorism strategy.

Two main goals have been set for the Forum. It will open the first ever multilateral training and research centre focusing on violent extremism. In response to the Arab Spring, the Forum also has a main goal of supporting post-dictatorship countries that are in transition.

swissinfo.ch and agencies

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