French military delegation meets with Mauritanian authorities

14:49, October 06, 2009

A high level French military delegation headed by officers at the rank of general will on Monday, together with Mauritania‘s Defense and Interior ministers, discuss ways of coordinating efforts in the anti-terrorism war being undertaken by the two countries, a security source revealed this.

The delegation has been in Mauritania for over 48 hours and it’s not yet known for how long they will be staying there.

In August, Mauritania experienced an escalation of terrorist violence which led a Mauritanian Kamikaze to attack the French embassy in Nouakchott.

Two months before that attack, French President Nicolas Sarkozy had declared in a meeting with the ambassadors of his country that France will not give Al Qaeda any chance to use African soil as it’s operation zone.

Sarkozy had equally cited the examples of terrorist attacks in Mauritania and other countries on the continent and said this issue was of paramount importance to France.

The military cooperation between France and her former colony dates back to the 1960s. In 1999, the relationship became cold under the regime of President Ould Taya following the indictment of Captain Ely Ould Dah in France.

The relations resumed to normal status in 2005 after the overthrow of President Taya through a military coup d’etat.

Source: Xinhua

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