British, Bangladesh conduct exercise

Published: May 12, 2009 at 6:22 PM

DHAKA, Bangladesh, May 12 (UPI) — The British and Bangladeshi navies recently conducted an exercise around the Ganges Delta to improve joint counter-terrorism capabilities.

The British Royal Navy partnered with the Bangladeshi navy for an exercise to share expertise and improve interoperability on counter-terrorism operations and missions to respond to natural disasters, the British Ministry of Defense reported.

The five-day exercise, called Shomudro Torongo, marked the first time in more than a decade the British and Bangladeshi navies have conducted joint exercises.

Officials said the location of the exercise in the Ganges Delta offered a chance to test counter-terrorism naval operations in complicated waterways and coastlines.

“All the training objectives were achieved, including the establishment and function of a joint, combined interagency command center, where information and intelligence was shared and analyzed between a range of law-enforcement agencies,” Commodore Peter Hudson, British task force commander, said in a statement.

“This key objective will assist both countries in their joint efforts to combat terrorism and be prepared for natural disasters in the region.”

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