Intelligence services to be restructured


Home Affairs Minister requires a detailed report
Intelligence services to be restructured

Home Affairs Minister, Nourredine Yazid Zerhouni has required from Homeland Security General Direction, DGSN submit him a comprehensive report assessing the performance of intelligence services two years after restructuring it.

A source within Home Affairs Ministry said Mr Zerhouni has recently required a detailed report from DGSN General Director, Colonel Ali Tounsi on the work of intelligence services in view of determining its deficient. The same source added that Home Affairs Ministry targets exploiting intelligence services more perfectly by requiring it granting as much information as possible for competent authorities to take the right decision on the right time.
Some observers said Home Affairs Ministry is targeting to rely more on intelligence units in terms of maintaining social and civil peace as well as following up directly movements and different activities taking place nationwide in order to anticipate the outbreak of any perturbation.
To recall Home Affairs Ministry ordered DGSN in 15 Mai 2005 to separate regional intelligence units from regional security services by allocating them independent headquarters to facilitate their task.
However, Colonel Ali Tounsi has already admitted that intelligence services made several mistakes, pointing out that DGSN discovered many fake cases in reports being elaborated on some officers.

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