“Kosova” about to open Pandora’s Box in Balkans

“Kosova” about to open Pandora’s Box in BalkansBy txenos | February 15, 2008

Slowly, inexorably the “international community,” with the US, Britain, Germany, and France in the lead, is about to sanction the secession of the province of Kosovo from the Republic of Serbia and approve an independent “Kosova” (the name the Kosovar Albanian thugs prefer for their rump). “Kosova” will come into being most likely this Sunday, February 17, following years of international “supervision” and administration — which came right after the unprecedented NATO attack upon Serbia in 1999 and the heavy bombing of that country so that the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK), a terrorist organization until 1998 in the books of the US and Western Europe, could complete its scheme of creating its own criminal enclave financed with drug, arms smuggling, and prostitution money. In fact, “Kosova’s” current “prime minister,” Hashim Thaci, a convicted terrorist, was the UCK’s “political leader” during the woodland days, but now has exchanged his fatigues for suit and necktie and likes to romp alongside international officials who address him as “Mr. prime minister.”

“Kosova’s” independence is driven, mainly, by an unusual American hatred toward Serbia and the obvious intent to deliver another stab at Russia, the only major power that has stood by Serbia’s side against secession. In the background, EU powers wring their hands, as usual, and follow the US lead uncritically and mostly blindly. Memory is short in this continent. Few remember that Germany’s precipitous move to recognize the secession of Slovenia and Croatia from the then Yugoslavia in the early 1990s essentially put into motion the events which led to the bloodiest war on European soil since the end of WWII and the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

Greece, inept, confused, and in a stupor, is watching the avalanche without too much interest. “Kosova” independence though should have sent this country’s government agencies and security authorities into battle stations. We tend to forget, for example, that our easternmost provinces near Turkey are populated by Muslims, most of whom claim Turkish ethnicity. We also tend to forget that this minority has never stopped its collusion with Turkish diplomats who are, in reality, active intelligence operatives charged with missions that in another country would have triggered their expulsion and a round of arrests among their local confederates. Furthermore, Greece is already the target of various Albanian irredentists demanding, in effect, most of northwestern Greece as an Albanian possession. Are we all that distant from a “Turkish Republic of Western Thrace” or a revived “Tsamouria?”“Kosova’s” secession won’t go without its ripples. Serbia has already announced it will never recognize this new “state” and will implement a plan to counter it. Russia is standing ready in the background. The US and Europe will rush to offer the rump diplomatic recognition. I wonder though who’s going to deal with the violence that may emerge immediately. Is NATO to send its bombers again to drop a few on Serbia? Greece, of course, will recognize “Kosova” but imagine what would happen if this country displayed some backbone and said “No.” Would we have NATO bombers visiting us over Athens? The way the “alliance” is acting and the way the agenda of the “humanitarian bombers” is taking precedence over all others, the prospect would not be entirely unlikely.



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